As a club we are passionate about ensuring everyone has a chance to develop and improve as an archer. Statistics show that many people after a year or two can hit a plateau and are not able to get beyond a certain ability and many lose interest. What we hope with development is we can help both novice and experienced archers to continue to improve their skills and abilities.


Skills and Drills 

Archery GB have introduced a set of Drills and Skills to help archers improve their basic technique. Whilst many are aimed at the novice archer there are still drills that everyone would benefit by developing.


(section timings and title shown on the left)





 Drills and Skills

Section             Time

Introduction       0:00 - 2:57

Full Draw Drill    2:57 - 5:05

Posture Drill        5:05 – 6:30

Set, Set up Drill  6:30 – 7:20

Half Draw Drill     7:20 – 8:20

Release Motion Drill   8:17 – 9:08

Hook Drill      9:06 - 10:00

Finger Release Drill   10:00 – 10:49

Bow Arm Drill   10:49 – 11:28

4 step shot sequence Drill  11:28 – 12:30

Rest of video is on compound.bows