During the summer season the club holds outdoor classification Club Target Days every Sunday. Should you wish to participate, rounds will count towards an indoor Classification Award.


The outdoor classification has been revised for 2023 and the system now consists of nine different awards that recognise progression through various milestones. The nine awards are split into three tiers, each with three classifications in it.


All outdoor rounds must be shot in accordance with AGB's Rules of Shooting to count towards a classification. With the exception of rule 307c (ii) Dress Regulations - Clothing colours which is NOT enforced on Club Target Sundays.


The Archer Tier

is aimed at a wide range of club - level archers

The Bowman Tier

is aimed at archers who are at the level where they might choose to enter competitions, right the way from club-level events to national level events.

The Master Bowman Tier

is aimed at archers competing at the highest levels of the sport.









To claim a classification, you need to shoot a number of rounds above a certain threshold score given in the clasification tables.

The total amount of arrows changes as you move up the tiers. You can mix and match rounds of different lengths in order to make up the total.

For Archer and Bowman classifications, your club records officer can confirm you’ve met the requirements.